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Four Decades Of Tax Law Experience On Your Side

For more than 40 years, attorney Christine Mathews Long at Vollen Anderson Long, LLC has been preparing individual and fiduciary (estate and trust) income tax returns, dealing with the IRS at audits and representing persons in front of the United States Tax Court.

It does not matter if you are an individual preparing your personal taxes, a fiduciary preparing them for someone else, or an organization. Tax laws seem to get more complicated every year. People worry that they will miss a deduction, miscalculate a business expense or forget to attach important paperwork.

Our Pittsburgh tax attorneys have extensive experience helping clients prepare individual income taxes and fiduciary taxes for estates and trusts. We have represented clients in U.S. Tax Court and guided them through IRS audits.

Protecting Your Rights In Tax-Related Issues

We will use our experience to help you minimize your tax liability without running afoul of the complex and often-confusing rules set forth by the IRS and the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.

  • If you earned income anywhere in the U.S., you are required to pay Pennsylvania income tax. That includes money earned in states that have no personal income taxes. If you do not pay the appropriate taxes, you could incur a large fine. Do you know if you qualify as a resident? It will make a difference in your individual taxes.
  • All companies that conduct business here are required to pay state taxes.
  • Often, property that is part of an estate before it is passed to a descendant that continues to earn money incur taxes. Income that came in the year the benefactor passed away is taxable.
  • Trusts hold property to benefit a beneficiary. Taxes will have to paid on this property. It will also be required for any income or distribution.
  • Partnerships and associations do not have to pay taxes, but taxes will have to be paid on their individual tax returns for income they receive from the partnership or association.

A skilled attorney can ensure your taxes are filed without the need for an extension. If you are an individual heir, we can make sure you take full advantage of tax laws that offer the best benefits for the estate.

There are advantages to the individual heir in the election of a specific tax year for the estate so it is important to consult with a knowledgeable attorney before making any important decisions. Our tax return preparation services utilize the latest tax software and e-filing of individual returns. Tax preparation without the need for extensions is the goal.

State Tax Laws Affect You, Your Family And Your Business

Our tax lawyers utilize the latest software and methods of e-filing. We know the best techniques for managing your taxes. Call our Pittsburgh law at 412-347-4309 or email us.