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Advocacy For Same-Sex Divorce And Child Custody Disputes

When the U.S. Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage to be a fundamental right, it was an emancipation for gay and lesbian couples. Unlike civil unions and other half-measures, they gained the right to full status and protections under the law.

Same-sex divorce is much the same as divorce for straight couples; the rules of equitable distribution apply to the division of assets. But child custody and child support can be more complicated for same-sex parents, regardless of whether they were married.

At Anderson, Leech & Long, our lawyers welcome LGBTQ individuals. Here, you will be treated with dignity and respect and provided the same caliber of counsel and representation as any clients. Just as importantly, our attorneys are well versed in the unique conflicts and complications that arise in same-sex family law.

Same-Sex Family Law In Pittsburgh And Western Pennsylvania

Our lawyers at Anderson, Leech & Long have decades of experience in divorce, custody and related matters of family law. They can knowledgeably protect your interests in all scenarios, including those issues that are specific to LGBTQ couples and families:

Custody And Visitation Disputes In LGBQ Families

One of the most common conflicts in a same-sex divorce or a breakup of unmarried partners is the issue of co-custody and visitation rights. It can get legally messy and contentious when one parent is biologically related to the child and the other is not. Our attorneys have experience sorting out these issues through mediation or litigation with a focus on the best interests of the child at the center of the conflict.

Our lawyers have advocated for nonbiological parents who are abruptly cut off from a child they helped raise. They have also represented the biological parent who opposes sharing custody with an ex-partner who has no standing or special bond with their child. Child support is also a hot-button issue in these cases, and our team has litigated both sides.

Explore Your Rights And Remedies With Compassionate Lawyers

A same-sex divorce is every bit as hard as a divorce between straight spouses, and sometimes, it’s more complicated. Our attorneys strive to provide high-quality legal counsel at reasonable rates so that you can hire an experienced lawyer to protect your parental rights and financial interests.

Our team welcomes people from all walks of life. Call our Pittsburgh law office at 412-347-4309 or reach out by email to schedule a consultation.