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Balancing The Equation In A Large Or Complex Marital Estate

A high-asset divorce may or may not be a high-conflict divorce. But even if you are parting on amicable terms, there is a lot of work to be done and there are many complicating factors involved when determining a fair and equitable property settlement.

At Anderson, Leech & Long, we have a team of veteran litigators, shrewd negotiators and skilled mediators. Our lawyers routinely handle complex and high net worth divorce cases in Pittsburgh and throughout western Pennsylvania. They know what to look for in gauging the total value of the marital estate and how to forge middle ground or battle for our clients’ rightful share.

Highly Experienced With High-Asset Divorce

Like any divorce, a high-asset divorce can be emotionally charged and volatile, especially when there are multiple disputes over the nature and value of different assets in the portfolio.

Having formerly worked at boutique divorce firms, our lawyers at Anderson, Leech & Long are very familiar with these issues. They can knowledgeably address:

  • Possession or sale of the house
  • Vacation property (cabin or timeshare)
  • Rental properties
  • A closely held company or business partnership
  • Stock options and deferred compensation
  • Hidden assets, retitled property or secret accounts
  • Retirement account qualified domestic relation orders (QDROs)
  • Alimony/spousal support 
  • Deviations from the child support guidelines
  • Separate property and commingled assets
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Protection from abuse (PFA) for domestic violence in the marriage

Our attorneys engage business valuation specialists, forensic accountants and other experts, as necessary, to put dollar values on assets or discover assets or income that a spouse is hiding. Alimony is never automatic, but it’s more likely in play for longer marriages or when there is a large income differential between spouses.

Finding The Solutions To Resolve The Divorce

Our lawyers’ philosophy is encouraging negotiation, mediation or targeted litigation to control the cost, duration and acrimony of divorce proceedings. They bring creativity and practical problem-solving to high-asset divorces, including considering structured buyouts, trade-offs of assets, cash settlements and debt distribution to make the math work for property division.

Our attorneys represent professionals, corporate execs, business owners and other high earners as well as their counterpart spouses who earn less or did not work outside the home. Often, both spouses have large incomes, and the dispute is simply how to cut the marital pie into equitable shares.

Start The Conversation With Our Savvy Lawyers

Whether you are angling for specific assets or you simply expect property division to be contentious, we have the skill sets you will require. Call us in Pittsburgh at 412-347-4309 to schedule a consultation or reach out by email.