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Divorce Is About Your Future

It’s easy to get caught up in regrets and resentments, but divorce proceedings are about looking ahead to the next stage of your life. The key is finding a lawyer who can protect your interests while helping you move forward.

Our attorneys at Anderson, Leech & Long are experienced with all facets of Pennsylvania divorce law, including the division of marital assets and arrangements for custody and co-parenting of your children. They are well versed in and well equipped for divorce negotiations, courtroom litigation, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) approaches, such as collaborative divorce and mediation.

Extraordinary Divorce Representation For Ordinary People

Our lawyers aim to be affordable and cost-effective while still delivering sound advice and strong advocacy. They represent regular working-class people who have much at stake when it comes to their financial circumstances after divorce; their ability to maintain strong bonds with their kids and provide healthy upbringings for them is also at stake post-divorce.

Whether you are expecting a complex or hotly contested divorce or you have a fairly simple and straightforward uncontested divorce, our attorneys are here to safeguard your interests and help you pursue your goals.

Our highly experienced lawyers can address:

Customized Solutions For You And Your Family

You are in good hands at Anderson, Leech & Long. Divorce and family law is our primary focus, and our attorneys combine decades of experience with a hands-on and compassionate approach. You will work directly with one of our partners, and our support staff is always accessible throughout the legal process.

Schedule a consultation today. Our lawyers practice in the family courts of Pennsylvania and the surrounding jurisdictions of western Pennsylvania. Call 412-347-4309 or contact us online.