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Child Support Advocacy In Sensitive Family Situations

Whenever a couple separates and they have children together, a child support plan will be needed in order to ensure that they are financially supported by both parents. This most often happens when a couple decides to divorce, but it can also apply to a situation where the parents never legally married, so long as paternity was established for the child.

At Anderson, Leech & Long, we have been advocating for parents in child support proceedings for decades in Pittsburgh. Our attorneys understand how to approach these issues in a strategic manner that will prioritize your goals. When you work with our team, you get the benefit of our more than one hundred years of collective experience on your side.

Child Support In Pennsylvania Is Set By Statute

There are two primary was for child support to be established. The first and easiest for both parents is to make an agreement between them that includes both parents’ child support obligations, which must then be approved by a judge in a related case, such as their divorce judge. The second method, and the more common of the two is where one parent files an application for child support with their local domestic relations office.

In these cases, child support in Pennsylvania is determined according to support guidelines that outline how much a child needs, with each parent receiving a portion of that obligation depending on how much they do for the child within their custody. This calculation will look at factors such as the parent’s income levels, medical insurance costs, daycare costs, government benefits being received by the child and their living arrangements. Once child support is established, it can be modified by court order and is automatically reviewed every 4 years until the child turns 18.

Let Us Advocate For You And Your Family

Child support can be a confusing and complex process, so having an ally on your side to help you navigate these issues can make it much simpler for you. Our compassionate attorneys are prepared to help you. If you would like to meet with our team, then you can call our office at 412-347-4309. You may also send us a message online with a brief description of your situation.