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Compassionate Guidance For Child Custody Conflicts

No legal matter is more important than one that affects the relationship you have with your child. Child custody disputes require care and understanding because of the intense emotions and the long-term implications for everyone involved.

At Anderson, Leech & Long, our lawyers treat these delicate and important matters with “kid gloves.” You will be guided by experienced family law attorneys who know how to protect your parental rights while also forging practical solutions for custody and co-parenting arrangements. They practice in the family courts of Pittsburgh and the surrounding jurisdictions of western Pennsylvania.

Protecting Your Parental Rights And The Best Interests Of Your Child

Our team can provide you with useful advice and strong representation in all matters related to child custody, including legal and physical custody. Legal custody refers to who can make decisions about important aspects of the child’s life, including education, health care and religion. Physical custody refers to who actually is in possession of the child and where the child holds residence.

The Pennsylvania family courts generally prefer an arrangement in which both parents play meaningful roles in the child’s life, absent issues such as abuse and neglect.

The specific details of a custody and visitation arrangement may require significant negotiation, but our lawyers are here to guide you and protect your rights every step of the way.

They are adept at achieving favorable outcomes through negotiation and alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation. When the other party refuses to be reasonable, however, they are always prepared for strong litigation.

All Scenarios Involving Care And Custody Of Children

On a daily basis, our attorneys address custody, visitation and child support in the context of divorce proceedings. They also handle paternity cases in which the parents were never married, representing fathers seeking shared custody or visitation rights and mothers who are seeking child support or are opposing visitation.

Many of our team’s cases involve modifications of court orders years after the parents have split up. Our attorneys also have extensive experience with child dependency hearings to remove children from their homes due to abuse or neglect.

Our Team Is Here To Help

A child custody dispute can cause significant stress and conflict, but you don’t have to face it alone. Our lawyers are here to listen to you, advise you and advocate on your behalf. To arrange a consultation with an experienced child custody attorney in Pittsburgh, contact our law offices online or by telephone at 412-347-4309.