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We’re ALL About Solutions In Family Law

At Anderson, Leech & Long (ALL), our lawyers understand the importance of family. Many of our clients come to us with the weight of the world on their shoulders, facing divorce, child custody disputes and other family law problems. They leave us knowing that they have allies who are committed to protecting their rights.

Whenever possible, our team encourages clients to resolve conflicts through negotiation and mediation to reduce the cost and animosity. However, our attorneys are also courtroom veterans who can help you choose your battles and fight for you.

Focused Experience For Divorce And Family Matters

Our partners have over one hundred collective years of experience in various areas of Pennsylvania family law, including:

  • Divorce: They can protect your rights in all aspects of divorce, from matters involving minor children to complex property division. Whether you face a high-conflict contested divorce or a relatively simple uncontested divorce, our lawyers are here to protect your future.
  • Child custody: They are committed to helping parents navigate complex custody proceedings and maximize their roles in the lives of their children. Our attorneys can help you pursue a custody and visitation agreement that works for you and your children.
  • Child support: Parents may choose to part ways, but both remain responsible for the care and support of their minor children. Our lawyers are here to help you pursue a child support arrangement that provides for your child and is fair for you. They also address child support in paternity cases involving unmarried parents.
  • Spousal support: Our attorneys represent people who are seeking temporary spousal support and/or alimony payments as well as those who are being asked to pay. In all cases, they explore effective legal strategies to secure healthy financial futures for our clients.
  • Modifications: When situations change after a divorce, it is sometimes necessary to seek modifications of orders involving custody arrangements or financial support. Our lawyers help people seeking such changes. They also represent people who feel that a modification will have a negative impact on themselves or their children.
  • Domestic violence: Our attorneys assist people who are leaving abusive or volatile relationships in obtaining protection from abuse (PFA) orders for their safety and that of their children.
  • Abuse and neglect: Our lawyers have backgrounds in child dependency cases, in which children are removed from their homes because of dangers to their well-being. Our team represents parents in dependency hearings and advocates for family members who are taking over care of the children.
  • Same-sex family law:  Our attorneys have experience with the unique issues concerning LGBTQ clients, such as custody and visitation rights of nonbiological parents.
  • Marital agreements: Our lawyers draft and review prenuptial and postnuptial agreements to ensure fairness, clarity and enforceability.

Our attorneys are experienced in negotiation, litigation and alternative forms of dispute resolution, such as mediation and collaborative law. They help each client decide which legal strategies will best meet their individual goals.

Get ALL The Legal Help You Need

You don’t have to face this family law matter alone. At Anderson, Leech & Long, our lawyers are here to guide you through the legal process while protecting your rights every step of the way. To arrange a consultation with an experienced Pittsburgh family law attorney, call us at 412-347-4309 or contact us online.