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What does a parenting plan consist of?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Child Support

Co-parenting can be a challenging journey, especially when you and your former partner have different ideas about how to raise your children. Psychology Today reported that 25-33% of children run into issues (poor grades, behavioral problems and so on) after a divorce. However, by working together and creating a comprehensive parenting plan, you and your ex can smoothen the transition.

While you should tailor your parenting plan to your children’s specific needs and circumstances, there are some essential components that you should not overlook.

Visitation schedules

Visitation schedules outline when your child will spend time with each parent. These schedules can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on your family’s needs. You will have to be flexible with your visitation schedule, as circumstances may change over time.

Communication guidelines

Communication guidelines outline how you and your co-parent will communicate about your child’s needs and schedule. This can include email, phone calls, text messages or in-person meetings. You should establish clear expectations for communication, such as how often you will communicate and how quickly you will respond to each other’s messages.

Practical matters

Practical matters refer to the day-to-day responsibilities of parenting, such as medical decisions, education and financial support. When creating a parenting plan, you should discuss how you will make decisions about these matters and how you will share the costs associated with raising your children.

It is important to put your children’s needs first and to avoid letting your emotions get in the way of things. This may require you to let go of hurt feelings and focus on building a positive and supportive co-parenting relationship.