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When birth fathers need to establish paternity

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2023 | Paternity

Much of the focus of paternity testing information is on identifying paternity for the purpose of obtaining child support. Many people overlook the fact that there are other reasons for paternity testing as well. The court may order paternity testing for a variety of reasons.

When you understand some of the situations that call for paternity testing, you can be better prepared to protect your rights.

Confirming paternity before an adoption

If there is a father of record for a baby, an adoption cannot proceed without the father’s signature terminating parental rights. When you have reason to believe that you are the birth father and you wish to prevent the birth mother from putting the baby up for adoption, you need a paternity test first.

Confirming paternity when the mother is uncooperative

A prospective birth father has the legal right to determine paternity for certain whether the birth mother agrees or not. If you believe that you are the father and the birth mother is resistant to a paternity test, a court petition can mandate the test on your behalf.

Confirming paternity to protect your rights

Retaining your parental rights and establishing visitation or shared custody requires confirmed paternity. You must have a paternity test in order to petition the courts for your parental rights.

As a biological father, you should have the opportunity to establish paternity and preserve your parental rights if you are so inclined. Understanding times when paternity testing can help may provide you with the details that you need to pursue testing for your situation.