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Diligent Appeals Attorneys Working For You

If a legal outcome left you unsatisfied, you may consider filing an appeal. The attorneys at Anderson, Leech & Long have extensive experience handling appeals and a record of success achieving their clients’ goals in appellate courts in Pittsburgh and throughout Western Pennsylvania.

Whether to file an appeal is an important question, as appeals require a significant time and financial investment. Our experienced Pittsburgh appellate attorneys will thoroughly examine the legal issues in a case and give our clients an honest assessment as to the likelihood of success on appeal to a higher court.

Reasons For Appealing A Case

After a thorough analysis of the case, we can determine if mistakes were made that lay the groundwork for a successful appeal. Reasons to appeal a decision include:

  • Exclusion of evidence
  • Admission of evidence that was not admissible
  • Omission of critical information
  • Violation of the Rules of Evidence or the criminal procedure
  • Ineffective representation
  • Inappropriate and unclear instructions to jury
  • Prosecution misconduct
  • Law enforcement misconduct
  • Witness perjury
  • Inappropriate or excessive sentencing

A Significant Investment Of Time And Money

If an appeal has been found to be valid, it typically takes about a year to go from the filing of the Notice of Appeal to the final order. If it is dismissed, it could be over within weeks or months.

There are three state appellate courts. They are:

  • Superior Court.* Most family law issues and personal injury matters are appealed to this court.
  • Commonwealth Court.* This court takes cases that involve an interpretation of state statute.
  • Supreme Court. Appeals that are lost in either the Superior or Commonwealth courts cannot be appealed directly to the Supreme Court. A Petition for Allowance of Appeal must be presented to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, requesting the court take the case on appeal.

*Both courts hear appeals from the Courts of Common Pleas (the state’s trial courts).

Experienced Appellate Lawyers Adept At Handling The Process

Our team of attorneys, each with comprehensive and extensive experience managing the appeals process, will work to prepare and manage your appeal. We can help you through the appellate process in Pittsburgh and anywhere in western Pennsylvania. Call us at 412-347-4309 or email us.